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Sneppurrsode 11 - Therian Parenting: Who’s Your Dadgie?!

Sneppurrsode 11 - Therian Parenting: Who’s Your Dadgie?!

May 27, 2021

The WereAreWe crew tackles the subject of parenting from a therian purrspective.

What are some parenting difficulties a therian may face? Is it ever a good idea to tell your kids you're a therian? What are ways of balancing therian and parent experiences? These topics, and more, from a variety of adult purrspectives!

Blayz steps in as OrangeWolf, Zef is playing hookey (or maybe he was kitten-napped?), and Dear Badgie provides solid advice for working adults whose brains confuse "Zoom Meetings" with "ZOOMIES!"

Recurring cast: BlayzicOrange Wolf, PunkinSpiceOrange Wolf, Tiger Acolyte, BlackPaws, Bluewolf, Stormdancer, BearX.

New awoos: Sen/ "Rainseeker" returns, IronPaws and WolfVanZandt

Questions for Dear Badgie? Suggestions for topics? Want to share your own story? Contact the WereAreWe crew at werearewepodcast@gmail.com or were-ever you spot (stripe?) any of us!


Sneppurrsode 10 - Awereness of Awakenings

Sneppurrsode 10 - Awereness of Awakenings

April 11, 2021

The WereAreWe crew discusses a common topic for therians - "Awakenings"! Thanks to the suggestion from Scorpion at WereList!

Each of the crew members tells about what their own personal awakening process was like, in hopes of clearing up misconceptions and helping others have a less confusing time with their own self-exploration.

Blayz introduces a new member to the crew, as well as a new segment which we'll dive into next time (parenting and therianthropy).

And, of course, we make DearBadgie cry a little.

Recurring cast: Orange Wolf, Blayz, Tiger Acolyte, BlackPaws, not Bluewolf (he was playing hookey), Stormdancer and BearX.

New awoos: Sen/ "Rainseeker"

Links discussed in the episode:

The Therian.org website discussion (TG link here, discussions also on WereList)

The WereList's "Opening the Articles Section"

Other links to check out:

https://therianbedtimestories.podbean.com/ (Check their first recording out and give them some love!)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dc2vMTkzsto (OK, so any of TherianTerritory's stuff - but I got a good laugh out of this vid!)

Questions for Dear Badgie? Suggestions for topics? Want to share your own story? Contact the WereAreWe crew at werearewepodcast@gmail.com or were-ever you spot (stripe?) one of us!


Sneppurrsode 9 - Breaking Grrrround!

Sneppurrsode 9 - Breaking Grrrround!

March 3, 2021

This one's a long one, folks! But chock full of a buncha good stuff, we purromise! (Blayz says you can fast forward through the book segment if you get bored, though! Haha!)


A brief statement from the WAW crew about the state of things, then we break into a new segment to discuss therian media cast members are enjoying. This leads into a serious Dear Badgie submission from ArcaneCanine (Anarcho-Mutt), which the whole crew chimes in on.


Blayz introduces a second new segment (the title of the snep wasn't a lie!) and we dig a bit deeper into therianthropy through time. We're setting the stage for future discussions and hope this will give some food for thought!


And, of course, on Dear Badgie, Stormy answers the impurrtant life questions.


~1 hour 10 minutes, so feel free to take this one in chunks.


E-mail werearewepodcast@gmail.com with recommendations for media you think other therians may enjoy, for help promoting community efforts, for feedback, and more!


Thanks for the listen, and we hope this sneppurrsode offers something helpful to our listeners. ^^


- Zef

Sneppursode 8 - Cosmic 2×4 Chaotic Coyote Carnage

Sneppursode 8 - Cosmic 2×4 Chaotic Coyote Carnage

January 31, 2021

The WereAreWe crew welcomes Coyote, Darkmoon and Traveller to the show as coyote antics ensue, while Zef purrtends he can do music stuff in the background.


Various members of the early community discuss the story(ies?) of the Cosmic 2x4(s?), offer insights to some of the crazy antics of the first Howls, and more!


Blayz introduces a new podcast segment and the badger follows up with life advice that necessitates a legal disclaimer from BearX.


- ZN


Runtime: ~49 minutes

Sneppurrsode 7 - Happy Howlydays!

Sneppurrsode 7 - Happy Howlydays!

December 22, 2020

The WereAreWe crew meets to wish the therian community a happy howlyday season and to offer warm season's greetings!

BearX, Blackpaws, Bluewolf, Blayz, OrangeStripedCoyote, Stormdancer and TigerAcolyte share sentiments, reflections on the season, positive outlooks, and a few dad jokes.

This episode features audio submissions from therians from all parts of the community, so listen in for some familiar critters!

E-mail: WereAreWePodcast@gmail.com

Runtime: ~28 minutes

Sneppurrsode 6: Were Still Here!

Sneppurrsode 6: Were Still Here!

November 26, 2020

It's been a while but we Were are back!


This time, we give a proper intro to BearX and Blackpaws (who aren't actually wolves, maybe purrobably) and bring TigerAcolyte and Blayz (who might be wolves - they're kinda sus!) into the mix before discussing community purrojects, what we're thankful for, and howl we're holding up in the pandemic.


Links discussed in this sneppurrsode:

   PinkDolphin's 2019 "Therianthropy Day" video : https://youtu.be/1tMY5yubqJw

   PinkDolphin's interview with BearX and Azi_Mexywolf : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KPy1dgdKUU

   TigerAcolyte's "Unity Project" (link is at Therian-Guide but should be accessible by people without an account there) : https://forums.therian-guide.com/Thread-Creative-Unity-Project--11622


TG Links

   "The Expedition" creative writing purroject: https://forums.therian-guide.com/Thread-The-Expedition-Chapter-1

   Sketchtember 2020 contributions: https://forums.therian-guide.com/Thread-Sketchtember-2020-Ready-Steady

   Blayz' NaNoWriMo 2020 purroject: https://forums.therian-guide.com/Thread-Sneak-peek-NaNoWriMo-2020-project-Kamen-Korovin

   PinkDolphin's 2020 "Therianthropy Day" video project (sorry for promoting this late!) : https://forums.therian-guide.com/Thread-CONTRIBUTE-Therianthropy-Day-Video-2020


Sneppurrsode 5: Gear…ituality?

Sneppurrsode 5: Gear…ituality?

August 20, 2020

Join Orange Wolf, BlueWolf, WolfX, WolfPaws and WolfDancer as they dig deeper into some topics related to spirituality, therianthropy, and gear. What are things you should consider with pelts, fursuits, or other kinds of critter-related gear or items?


Orange Wolf forgets to let people know who WolfX (BearX) and WolfPaws (BlackPaws) really are. Whoops!


The crew makes it clear that they've banned Zef, so no worries! DearBadgie also answers purrobably the most important question ever asked about therianthropy.


Have fun!


- OW

Therian Talk #9 - Therian Gear

Therian Talk #9 - Therian Gear

August 13, 2020

Hosts: Zefer Nezumi and DustWolf


The Talks crew discussed "therian gear". What does "therian gear" even mean? Is it a necessity for a therian experience, or something more individual? Click for a listen!

Therian Talk #8 - Therianthropy in the Media

Therian Talk #8 - Therianthropy in the Media

August 13, 2020

Hosts: Zefer Nezumi and DustWolf


The Talks crew discusses therianthropy in the media. Where can we do better? Where have we failed? What have we done right? What should someone consider when being approached as a representative of the community?

Therian Talk #7 - What? The Howls!

Therian Talk #7 - What? The Howls!

August 13, 2020

Host: Zefer Nezumi (maybe needs a little less catfeine next time?) Guests: BearX and Stormdancer


What are Howls? Are Therian Hunters a real thing? Why is it always raining when we have these things? Click to find out!

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