WereAreWe Podcast

Sneppurrsode 11 - Therian Parenting: Who’s Your Dadgie?!

May 27, 2021

The WereAreWe crew tackles the subject of parenting from a therian purrspective.

What are some parenting difficulties a therian may face? Is it ever a good idea to tell your kids you're a therian? What are ways of balancing therian and parent experiences? These topics, and more, from a variety of adult purrspectives!

Blayz steps in as OrangeWolf, Zef is playing hookey (or maybe he was kitten-napped?), and Dear Badgie provides solid advice for working adults whose brains confuse "Zoom Meetings" with "ZOOMIES!"

Recurring cast: BlayzicOrange Wolf, PunkinSpiceOrange Wolf, Tiger Acolyte, BlackPaws, Bluewolf, Stormdancer, BearX.

New awoos: Sen/ "Rainseeker" returns, IronPaws and WolfVanZandt

Questions for Dear Badgie? Suggestions for topics? Want to share your own story? Contact the WereAreWe crew at werearewepodcast@gmail.com or were-ever you spot (stripe?) any of us!


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